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JobNimbus Integration


Webhook Integration

Use naturalForms Web Apps to connect with any backend system.

What Are Webhooks?

A webhook is a method of data transfer that enables applications to communicate with each other in real time using HTTP callbacks. This means a form can be connected to another application which will receive notifications of submitted form data at the time of submission.

How Does it Work?

As part of setting up a form, what are called output settings are configured telling naturalForms how and where to send the data.

All that is required is a webhook URL which is provided by the backend system receiving the data. They URL is added to the form settings, following a submission of the form on the device the data is generated and sent as needed downstream.

Webhook Generic Workflow.png

1. Output Settings

Quick and easily tell your forms what data to send and where.

2. Data Generated

Data is generated after a form has been submitted.

3. Data Delivery

The requested data is packaged up and sent to the backend system.

4. Data Recieved

The data is received from naturalForms in real-time and is processed.

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