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Mobile Forms: Mobile App Forms for Android and iOS 

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naturalForms offers ways to create forms on mobile devices. The software works on iOS, Android, and Windows. All features included offer flexibility and accurate data collection and distribution.


Getting started is easy with the five simple steps to improving your bottom line.



Create a free naturalForms trial account



Load your form's PDF into naturalForms or select from hundreds already available in our form library 



Install the naturalForms app on your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet



Connect your form data to almost any backend system



Fill the form out on your tablet or phone and get the data downstream where you need it

Using naturalForms comes with big benefits for your business or company!

Data on a Touch Pad

Improve Operations

  • Allows for and encourages standardized consistency within the organization

  • Helps in reporting and data for business planning

  • Enhances team communication connected to jobs being worked

  • Authorizes management visibility to employee and customer performance

  • Optimizes customer and employee satisfaction

Tech Watch

Save Time & Refine Data Accuracy

  • Self-operating daily workflows to get more jobs done

  • Minimize data errors and incomplete information 

  • Eliminates double data entry for process automation

  • Lowers turnaround time to complete projects or process data

Dollar Bills

Lessen Cost & Grow ROI

  • Gets rid of paper/print cost (and associated fuel costs)

  • Lower operational cost for the business

Man Using Smart Tablet

Apply Compliance and Security

  • Helps in compliance or regulatory purposes

  • Supplies solution and data audit information for accountability 

  • Ensures legalization of form information being collected

Mobile Forms

Mobile forms reduce time, money, and are eco-friendly. You can draw or insert images and personalize your form to create a form unique to your needs.


Not only does naturalForms have many premade forms to choose from, but we also have designer tools to give you everything you need to create your own forms. You can customize forms for specific tasks and things you need.

Securely Administer Your naturalForms Solution

naturalForms Portal gives you the resources you need to manage and control your mobile forms, users, groups, and processed data.

Easy to use form designer tool

  • Transform your current PDFs to create mobile forms using our free, easy to use online form designer tool


Standard data file formats

  • Submitted form data is available in standard data files: PDF, CSV, JSON, XML, JPG and MPG.​

Flexible integration options

  • Use our Software Development Kit to tightly integrate your naturalForms data with your backend system. Contact us for more information

Third party connections

  • Platform integrations are available on a custom basis. Contact us for options.​

Industry standard security

  • Leverage the latest security protocols including HTTPS, data encryption, password protection, user controls and Amazon secure cloud.​

User access and controls

  • Give users and groups of users specific control and access to only the needed system functions, safeguarding customer data and business operations.

Mobile Forms Builder

naturalForms mobile form builder takes your forms where you need them. Our Mobile Form Builder makes designing efficient forms for all mobile devices easy.

1) How the Forms Can be Built on Mobile

The first step to building the forms on mobile is downloading the app. Once you get the app, you will need to create or log in to your account. You can choose from many existing forms or create your own form. There are many different features available like adding a picture or drawing in your form. The process is user-friendly and easily navigable.

2) How Smooth the Forms Work on all Applicable Devices

The app works smoothly on all applicable devices. Maneuvering from one document to another is a simple and easy task. Your documents and forms will be at your fingertips and you will not need to sift through messy paperwork. Your forms will be organized and easy to find with naturalForms.

Customizing mobile forms is a quick and easy process that allows for any necessary changes on your form to be made. The documents are always saved with the title and date attached so you can find your document with ease. Customizing your mobile forms is just as simple on a mobile device as it is on a computer.

You can attach a brand name and other necessary ones to your documents. Whether you’re using a premade document or creating a new one, personalizing forms is easy with naturalForms. Putting together specialized information you need and attaching a brand name is made simple.

Get started with naturalForms today

Create your free trial account in minutes and join thousands of others using naturalForms for their forms.

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