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Form Builder and Creator

Our form builder and creator makes it easy to manage many factors of your business. These forms will improve form quality, eliminate paperwork while saving time and money. You can transfer your forms to the naturalForms mobile app that will efficiently collect all your business data. Use naturalForms on your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or online. 

Form Builder

You can capture data with our form builder where information is easily connected and immediately processed to your team, customer or backend application. Our form builder will provide a navigable and visually pleasing layout. 
naturalForms enhance operations by standardizing and enabling consistency within the organization. Our forms eliminate double data, incomplete information, and data errors. We reduce turnaround time to process data or complete projects. 

Online Form Builder

With our online form builder,  we provide the greatest level of data security and privacy. 
We offer many different types of form solutions including but not limited to the following:

  • Chimney

  • Construction 

  • HVAC 

  • Inspection

  • Landscaping

  • Paving 

  • Roofing

You can ensure more accuracy in the data that is collected and calculated because it is computer generated. Using naturalForms will eliminate paper waste and cost along with associated fuel costs. It also reduces operational costs for your business. This way, your business profits will soar.  

Making Your Online Form

Making an online form is simple with naturalForms. We provide all the resources and information you might need for your online forms and we will walk you through the process step by step. 

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The Power of an Online Form Creator

The online form creator provides automated templates that you can customize. It allows your company and customers to make decisions fast and painlessly. It allows you to save money in labor and materials and improve customer satisfaction.
To create a new template for your online form, click, the “add template” button or the “edit template.” You can customize and create a form using the designer feature.

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Can I Use a Free Online Form Builder?

We provide a 14-day free trial for new customers. This way you can test out our software to see if you want to purchase an annual or monthly plan. Using our free forms, you have many options and hundreds of templates to choose from. 
All it takes is a few steps to improving your bottom line. Start with getting a 14-day free trial that only takes a couple of minutes, and there are no commitments or long-term contracts.

  • Sign up to create a free naturalForms trial account

  • You can add forms (your or ours) and load your forms PDF into naturalForms or select from hundreds already available in our form library

  • Connect your form data to almost any backend system

  • You can start using your forms on your tablet or phone and get the data downstream where you need it

The Most Trusted Form Builder

naturalForms is the trusted form builder that many reputable companies and businesses use. We are trusted by thousands of users and service businesses in almost every industry that has a mobile workforce. We use the greatest level of data security and privacy protocols including HTTPS, data encryption, password protection, user controls, and the Amazon Secure Cloud. You can make your forms smarter with artificial intelligence features such as validation fields, auto calculations, and workflow logic.


With our form builder, you will no longer have to worry about messy hand-writing or the back-and-forth hassles of bad data.

You will save time and money using naturalForms. In the 14-day free trial, you will have access to everything including our full solution, helpdesk support, the ability to create customized forms, our online library of forms, and to use our integration platforms. For the free trial, you don't need a credit card and when you decide to purchase a plan, you can cancel at any time.


We leverage Chargify, a leader in billing management and is officially Level 1 PCI compliant which means your billing data is secure with us. Your subscription is automatically renewed until you change or cancel your plan.


Get started with naturalForms today

Create your free trial account in minutes and join thousands of others using naturalForms for their mobile business forms.

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