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Service Integration

Save your form data into Documents of your Service account.

The Most Powerful Service Solutions to Transform Your Business

See how Service can

transform your business

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About WorkWave Service

Cut the complications. Empower your employees, exceed customer expectations, and reduce headaches through one seamless, easy-to-use system.

Integration Features

  1. Use industry/state forms or create your own custom forms

  2. Map fields from your form to Service

  3. Collect form information and auto update projects

  4. Capture and annotate project photos or locations

  5. Save form documents to Service tenant forms


Integrating naturalForms with Service is free. All you need is:

  • naturalForms account

  • Service account

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Integration Process

Getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes to get setup.

JobNimbus Integration.png

1. Upload Forms

2. Setup Forms

3. Connect Service

4. Submit Forms

For detailed instructions visit our Service post.

Integrating natrualForms with WorkWave was quick and easy….saving significant time and money. This also provides our customers a uniquely Owl Pest experience… The natrualForms team went above and beyond… I would absolutely recommend naturalForms to any company using PestPac.


Stuart, Owl Pest Solutions

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