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Build the Form Your Business Needs with naturalForms Smart Form Builder

Smart Forms

The most useful way to fill out online forms is through our smart forms. These highly engaging forms transform the user experience by personalizing the questions to be based on the answer in the previous question the user provided. Smart forms rely on condition-specific feedback from the user which generates useful data that can help your business understand the kind of visitors your website receives.


The development of smart forms is a significant advancement in the realm of online forms. 


Smart forms include conditional logic and other smart features. Our smart forms contain components beyond traditional PDF or paper forms. This allows for special features including dynamic sections, database cells, electronic completion, and electronic submission. The data is stored instantly and:

  • Eforms allow you to customize forms to your companies needs

  • Using naturalForms as your eform provider comes with many benefits and features

  • The app and software are user-friendly and easy to maneuver

naturalForms on the iPad

Smart forms allow you to change the potential outcome of a form based on the user visiting your website and the characteristics they carry. Your smart form rules can be based on these criteria types:

  • Device type- Specify which device this smart content is centered around (mobile, tablet, or desktop). HubSpot looks at the user agent of your visitor’s browser to determine their device type. Since this can sometimes be changed on the device, we cannot always guarantee accurate division of sections.

  • Country- Display content to your viewer based on the country they are in. The country is determined by the IP address of the visitor.

  • Preferred language- Personalize your content based on the language the user's web browser is set in.

  • Referral source- Based on how the user found your site, show them your smart content.

  • Lifecycle stage- This will look at the lifecycle stage property of a contact in your HubSpot database and display the relevant content based on the value of this field.

  • Contact list membership- Show the contact in your HubSpot database. Certain content depends on whether or not they're a member of one of your HubSpot lists.

Conditional Logic

People don't like filling out long forms. Depict the illusion that your form is short by only asking the questions that are the most relevant to your users.


Conditional statements, conditional expressions, and conditional constructs are features which perform different actions or computations depending on whether a programmer-specified boolean condition evaluates to true or false.


Conditional logic permits you to make decisions from a condition or action that occurred.

Online Forms: History of the Electronic Form

There are a few types of electronic forms however, they are not equal. Their differences lie in how smart the forms are and what technological capabilities they contain. Making the form easy for users and promoting capturing high-quality data is the essence of what makes a form beneficial, practical, and with the times. With newer technology being created and advanced every day, forms have the potential to be smarter and more user-friendly than ever before.

The types of Online forms can be categorized into:

  • Print Form-  download from your website, print, and fill in by hand and post to your business/company/organization

  • Fillable form- download from your website, fill-out on screen before printing and post/fax to your organization

  • Smart forms- download from your website or server, fill-out on screen, and submit electronically

It is much easier to use our form builder than to code by hand. You can create documents in our online form builder that work the same on each device you log in to. The information is transferred and accessible even when you are logged into more than one device.

  • You can be logged in to up to fifty devices with your account. On the dashboard page, there is a box that tells you how many devices are logged in, the device name, and their ID number.

  •  It informs you of how many submissions the device has made, and when the last submission was. There are also sections that inform you of the most used templates, the most active users, and the last five document submissions.

New documents are made accessible on the iOS or Android app. You can pull the same documents on your computer as you can on the app. Everything transfers over smoothly.

You can connect your form data to almost any backend system including Commusoft, JobNimbus, Webhook, WorkWave PestPac, Zapier, and an email account. These powerful integrations will simplify your business operations.

Print Forms

When using print forms, the only electronic aspect to it is the distribution factor. Print forms don’t offer the same qualities and benefits that smart forms and online forms have. Hand-writing, handling the forms that have been incorrectly filled-out, and manually entering data into your system are the same challenges you encounter when working with paper forms. 40% of forms contain missing information, according to the Australian outsourcing company review of 2006. These failures result in higher costs and lost sales. Using a smart form saves money and time for your business as well as collecting accurate and usable data information.

Contact Forms

Contact forms contain personal information which is why it is important to us that your data is safe and protected. 

We use the greatest level of data security and privacy protocols including:


  • Data Encryption

  • Password Protection

  • User Controls

  • Amazon secure cloud

The form designer for our contact forms works seamlessly on both the iOS and Android apps as well as a computer. With naturalForms, you can easily create and design eforms and smart forms that work best for your website. Building your forms online saves turn-around time and allows financial and many more benefits for your business. With smart forms, the results are stored immediately online and the user receives a personalized experience.

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