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Why Autumn is Roofing Season

The kids are back in school, Labor Day has come and gone, Fall is on the way. And so is big business! Did you know that the busiest season for roofing contractors is late summer through autumn? It’s true! In fact, it can get so busy during this time, that someone in need of a replacement or repair could wait a whole month.

And if someone has to wait that long, they may try to find someone else. (Or even do it themselves, which we do not recommend.) So, let’s take a look at why the fall season is so busy for roofers.

The Storms Have Passed

The season of spring and summer are notorious for bringing torrential rain that pound on the rooftops. April showers indeed! Because of the barrage of wind, rain, and the occasional tornado take a toll on the shingles of your roof. Once the crazy weather finally subsides, many people look up and think: “I should really get this thing repaired.”

Especially when you consider…

The Cold and Snow is Coming

While this isn’t true for all of the United States, winter means one thing for many: Lots and lots of snow. We all might like to go throw snowballs, make igloos, and see the glistening powder outside, but nobody wants it inside their house.

And news flash folks: snow is heavy.

Rather than wait for the weight to buckle their homes, it’s best to elect for any possible roof repairs or roof replacements in the fall season. Because you’ll also save on winter heating.

Most people who talk about energy efficiency will harp on the importance of a well-sealed door, windows, and insulated walls. But did you know that your roof can also be a major heat sink? It’s true!

The heating and cooling of your home accounts for nearly half the money you spend on electricity, don’t let it go to waste because of a bad roof!

And luckily, while the roof business is booming in autumn, the employees don’t mind either.

The Conditions Are Perfect for Roofing

Working outside can be a tough ordeal. Working on a roof in the summer can be brutally hot. And working in the bitter winter cold can be just as straining. Meanwhile, the weather in late-September, October, and November are much cooler, but still pleasant.

During the fall months, because of the better temperature, your roofers won’t be needing to take breaks to avoid heat exhaustion. It gets so hot in the summer on roofs, that it can reach upwards of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 16 degrees hotter than the highest temperature recorded in the Death Valley desert of California in 1913.

However, wait too long, and come wintertime, you’ll be in trouble. With roofing shingles, the temperature needs to be above a certain threshold, 45 degrees, in order to effectively adhere through the process of thermal sealing.

The colder the temperature is under 45 degrees, the longer it could take for your roof to be complete. This can turn what is going to be a one- or two-day project in the fall, to a multi-week effort in the winter.

This fall is sure to be a busy season for all you roofing companies. So be sure that you aren’t being bogged down by expensive, wasteful, and slow paper forms. Switch to digital forms with naturalForms so your roofing invoice can go from signed, to sent back to the office before you even get back to your truck.

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Feb 09, 2022

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