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What Your Business Can Learn From the US Women’s National Team

The US Women’s National Team made some headlines in their match against Thailand, breaking the record for the most lopsided win in World Cup history with a score of 13-0. While running the score up like that would raise some eyebrows in and questions of sportsmanship, their… exuberant celebrations after each goal had some crying foul.

“Act like you've been there before!”

“Disgraceful lack of sportsmanship.”

And so on.

Talk all you want about whether or not it was unsportsmanlike, but there are a lot of things your business can learn from the favorite in the Women’s World Cup.

People Love Winners

Your business might not be competing for the plumber’s world cup, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t! The US Women’s National Team earned $50.9 million in revenue between 2016 and 2018, compared to the US Men’s National Team earning $49.9 million in the same time. The men’s team has been consistently mediocre for the last decades, and actually missed out on the 2018 Men’s World Cup, meanwhile the women’s team has been downright dominating in its history, winning the 2016 Women’s World Cup against Japan 5-2.

What Does That Mean for Your Business?

  1. Make sure that your product/service is as amazing as you can possibly make it.

  2. If there’s something that you see as a weakness, be sure that you can cover it with your strengths while you try to deal with it.

  3. If there are competitions that your business is eligible for, GO FOR IT.

  4. If the competitions your in require votes, go all out for earning the votes. Post on your business and personal social media, encourage people to vote, make sure that you get as many people involved as you possibly can.

  5. Show off the big shiny medal you won. When your customers come to your place of business and see a trophy case stacked to the ceiling, they’ll already know how good you are. (Good enough to be their first and only choice!)

Even It’s in the Bag: Don’t Stop

Was scoring 13 goals against the outmatched Thailand 100% necessary? Maybe not. But what it tells you is this: Don’t stop. Keep fighting. Keep going in every day with the singular focus of succeeding more and more and more. There may be times where you see things as going well enough, but you have to remember that it won’t always be that way.

The economy won’t always be growing quickly. There will be a time when your business is facing severe challenges. Use the time you have in the sun to make some hay. (That was a butchered metaphor, but alas.) Others may say that what you’re doing for your business is overkill, but you’re the one making the decisions here! It’s your business after all.

Don’t Be Afraid to Put a Target on Your Back

The ladies on the USWNT have not been shy in front of the media. They are the best team in the land, and they know it. They make sure others know it. They want their opponents to know it. Why? Because they confident in their abilities to succeed, and it’s also playing mind games with their opponents.

You’re probably not only business in town that does what you do. What are you supposed to say about them? “Aw shucks guys, you know they really are something special. Maybe you should go see them since they know what they’re doing.”

Heck no! You need to dig your heels into the dirt and say:

“I’m the best around at what I do. Nobody is going to give you the same level of service, quality, and fair pricing that I do.”

Be confident in yourself and be confident in your business!

If You’re Going to Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Be confident in yourself and be confident in your business! But make sure that you back up all the talking that you are doing. Business is a game of trust, so by saying that you are the best, that your service is the best, that your prices are the best, you have a lot to live up to. And if you don’t live up to that guarantee, you’ve told everybody who did or will do business with you that you’re a liar.

And nobody wants to do business with a liar.

Your business reflects who you are, so make it the best possible one you can. Put your effort into making your product shine. Give that little extra something in your service. When you ask for a review, give the message a personal touch. If you want to say it, you have to show it.

Always be Improving – Because Your Competition Is

The women’s team this year are the heavy favorite. But not that heavy a favorite. Only three teams have chances higher than 10% to win it all according to FiveThirtyEight, with the USA at a 25%. (USA, France, Germany) However, during the 2015 World Cup, the ladies in red, white, and blue had about a 30% at this point. So why the 16% drop? Everybody else is getting better. Soccer is increasing in popularity among women, and female sports gets highlighted more. The US team is the best, but everybody else is getting better.

The same goes for your business. Every day you’re seeking to improve your business in some way. Maybe there is a new way to market your business to a previously unrecognized group of consumers. Perhaps there’s a new method to the way that you do your forms so that you can save paper. Or, there might be a new type of service that you offer that will blow the doors wide open for new business.

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