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Small Business Advice with naturalForms (Part 2)

We’re back with another edition of Advice by Brian! For those of you in need of a refresher, Brian is a man with decades of experience and expertise, serving as an executive and consultant for all types of businesses. We’re here to pick his brain and provide you all with valuable advice.

Be sure to read Part 1 if you haven't already!

Advice by Brian:

It is vitally important for small businesses to constantly optimize their processes. The best time to do this is right now, while the economy is strong. This may seem counter intuitive, but it’s like the stock market: You want to buy when it’s down and sell when it’s up, to help pay for that long dreamed of retirement.

Remember the old "buy low, sell high" adage.

Right now, the biggest challenge for most small businesses is ensuring you have enough good workers. Unemployment is low and the pool of quality available workers has shrunk. Thus, you have a few choices.

  • First, you can hire more of the wrong workers and churn through them, hurting efficiency and possibly customer relationships.

  • Second, you can ask your current workforce to work more hours and risk burning them out and losing them.

  • Third, you can just not take on more work, slow down growth in this great economic environment and let your competition have it.

  • Or, fourth (the best option,) you can find ways to optimize your operations to get more out of your existing workers without adding to their burden.

Where to Look for Areas That Need Optimization?

Well, ask your front-line workers, those in the field dealing with customers and your back-office operations! Usually, the people sitting right in front of you are the folks whose days are frustrated by processes and procedures that are outdated or have been indoctrinated into the business wrongly because “that is how it is always been done.”

One of the biggest missed opportunities that exists with businesses whom have workers outside of the office is around the automation of the forms and the processes around them that are used. Many companies are still using paper forms. And those who have implemented digital forms have not integrated the forms fully and are not getting the most value out of the solution they can.

This is where naturalForms comes in.

An Easy Start

Let us help you get the most out of your operations. naturalForms will help you capture the right data, accurately and timely. Our solution will then allow you to process that data, turn it into information to make decisions from, as well as receive your customer's payments in a more timely manner.

Ultimately, this method can assist your company with employee satisfaction, builds upon your culture of service and improve customer satisfaction. Our goal is your goal – To help your business be the best business it can be.

naturalForms — Smart Forms for Smart Business

About naturalForms®

naturalForms is an innovative software company based in Dayton, Ohio USA and is the leader in natural input technologies and provides an end-to-end mobile data capture platform that automates the collection of natural input (such as handwriting, photos, notes, drawings, and signatures) instantly at the point of entry. Information captured with tablets or other mobile devices is immediately converted to digital data and seamlessly integrated to backend systems. Straight-through processing eliminates cycle time delays and human data entry errors, creating an unsurpassed workflow optimization and significant cost savings. naturalForms’ solutions are used around the world, delivering value in multiple industries. To learn more, visit


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