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naturalForms Welcomes Tanner Banks to the Team

A Brief Introduction

The naturalForms team is happy to introduce their latest team member: Tanner Banks. Tanner will be taking over the role of Marketing Coordinator, and we couldn't be more excited. Despite being on the younger side, this 23-year-old has plenty of ideas for helping naturalForms achieve its marketing strategy.

Before joining the naturalForms team, Tanner was working in Hong Kong as well as coaching basketball there.

"It was an amazing journey (in Hong Kong), with lots of self-discovery, growth, and memories made. I'm glad I had the chance to cut my teeth there for a while but being back in the Dayton area with a team like this is just amazing."

Enthusiasm for Adventure

Tanner is excited to be a part of the naturalForms team!

Tanner impressed the team with his experience in which helped a startup grow to success in Hong Kong, building their brand, awareness and user base with a specialized focus on South Asia. In addition to attending class as a full-time student, he managed to work several campus jobs, as well as the following creative endeavors:

  • Creative Writing Club

  • A Radio Show dubbed the Weekly Nerd

  • Podcasting for a college class that turned into his personal hobby

  • Writing for online publications and reporting at events

A Natural Fit

Everybody at naturalForms is proud to see Tanner bring new and exciting ways to help the company and its customers. A voracious writer, who is ready to really help bring the value of naturalForms and its solutions to businesses everywhere.

“I think the thing that impressed me the most about naturalForms was seeing how much everybody really bought into what they were doing. naturalForms’ solutions really are the kind that I’d want any business to have.”

“I grew up in a family of business owners, my mother and her sisters have run their business for 30 years, and so have my uncles, as well as several of my cousins. Helping small businesses grow is something that really calls to me. When I heard about what naturalForms can do for small businesses, I knew I had to be a part of this team. Any time I meet someone who owns a small business I tell them about naturalForms because I really believe in what they’re doing. In fact, you could say it was the natural choice.”

Welcome aboard Tanner, we’re excited to see what you’ll be bringing to the table for the future.


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