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naturalForms' New Look

Today, the naturalForms team has shook the world to its core. We’ve ushered in a new era for technology. The next generation of humanity is upon us! (Actually, we just rebranded ourselves - but we are excited about it!)

Why The Change?

The old naturalForms logo was the brainchild of its biggest innovation, handwriting recognition. In conjunction with MyScript, their sister company, naturalForms continues to use industry-leading handwriting recognition software as part of its technology. But as we have moved forward, we do more and will continue to be more. naturalForms is about more than just digitizing your forms, it’s about being the go-to choice for smart businesses.

naturalForms GIF
naturalForms is ready to serve!

Over the years, naturalForms has provided document automation for businesses who needed a more efficient method of doing their forms. An important service for any business who wants to keep things running smoothly while cutting down costs. Smart choice.

A Fresh Look

old naturalForms logo and new naturalForms logo

When you look at our old logo, it looks well… old. The colors were muddled together and contrasted poorly. So instead, we decided to lean into the “natural” part of naturalForms and go for a dark evergreen color that also helps signify going green and saving money with naturalForms.

We liked the transition from natural, handwritten lettering to a more traditional online document font, but it didn't turn out right. So, we ditched the cursive lettering, and opted for a handwritten print style instead. Along with a better written format, we brought the “forms” forward by increasing the size and adding some bold to it as well. And the icon? Well, let’s just say that “handwriting on top of a stack of documents” didn't translate well in practice. When we asked people (even some employees) what they thought the old logo represented, some of the most common answers that we got were:

  • "Butterfly"

  • "Abstract Art"

  • "I really don’t know to be honest."

As an app icon, it was hard to tell what it was for, and it just didn't look quite right. But it wasn't a total loss for the team. Because tucked into the top left corner of the icon was the key to everything: The letter “n”.

Today’s world is all about mobile. Heck, our product is all about being able to go mobile. So why didn't our logo reflect that? Our App Icon is now at the forefront of our branding, instead of a second thought that we would work on after the fact. With a big green background and a curvy “n” occupying negative space, the logo is much cleaner and easier on the eyes.

What’s Next?

To borrow from Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ll be doing our rebrand in phases. We’ve divided each phase into a specific sector of our business so we can create the smoothest transition possible for our users, partners, and potential users.

As of today, we have officially finished up phase 1, which focused on all of the preparation work that went into our rebrand. This has included redesigning our brand identity, updating social media, informing partners and users, and a whole bunch more. As of today, we’re on to phase 2, which focuses on our digital presence.

Anywhere that you see naturalForms online, we’ll be updating our look continuously. That includes our website, support site, social media, and more to fit our new logo, color, and theme of smart forms for smart business.

Smart Forms for Smart Business

The team at naturalForms agreed that in addition to our industry leading document automation, we can do more to help our customers and the small business community at large. And that is why we’ve vowed to share our valuable knowledge and insights into the business world that we’ve amassed through decades of combined experience.

You’ll be able to start seeing more content delivered to you by the naturalForms team discussing important topics on small business on a regular basis. Some of the topics will include trending headlines, guides for doing business in a digital world, advice for new and experienced business owners, and much, much more.

Will The Rebranding Affect You?

Not at all. We understand how important it is to be able to make sure all your forms are available and usable. Because of that, the actual application and web portal will not be affected by our rebrand for a long period of time. Our app has very little naturalForms branding, so we made the conscious decision to hold that off for the very last.

This way, our users will be able to familiarize themselves with the new naturalForms branding, without affecting their user experience. The net result it will be smoothly implemented with product updates that will not create any issues.

Now, that means that in the future, it will change but, it won’t be until we have a new product update released. So, by the time it happens, you’ll have plenty of time to know that it’s coming anyways.

The naturalForms team is very excited about the new chapter in our company, and hope that you are too!

- The naturalForms Team

naturalForms – Smart Forms for Smart Business

About naturalForms®

naturalForms is an innovative software company based in Dayton, Ohio USA and is the leader in natural input technologies and provides an end-to-end mobile data capture platform that automates the collection of natural input (such as handwriting, photos, notes, drawings, and signatures) instantly at the point of entry. Information captured with tablets or other mobile devices is immediately converted to digital data and seamlessly integrated to backend systems. Straight-through processing eliminates cycle time delays and human data entry errors, creating an unsurpassed workflow optimization and significant cost savings. naturalForms’ solutions are used around the world, delivering value in multiple industries. To learn more, visit


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