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naturalForms Product Portal Announcement

naturalForms wants to hear from you!

We have some exciting news! naturalForms has recently released our very own Product Portal where customers can tell us what features, integrations and changes they want to see from naturalForms.

The Product Portal is a simple tool that intends to provide you, our awesome customers, the ability to share your ideas directly with us about our product offerings.

A Peak into the Future

On top of giving all-important feedback, the Product Portal is going to let you see into the future! (No, seriously.)

The Product Portal will allow you to see the products and integrations we are considering, new features and integrations we are planning to release and the latest features that we have recently released. Alright! To check out what naturalForms is considering, planning, or currently releasing, click on the links and see for yourself what we’ve already got cooking.

United We Are Strong

Most importantly, here at naturalForms we want feedback on these items from our customers and partners!

Most importantly, here at naturalForms we want your feedback on these items! The Product Portal will allow our customers to vote on upcoming releases, items we’re considering and even what we have already released. Customers can express how important a particular product, specific feature, or integration is which provides valuable feedback to aid naturalForms in planning how best to meet your business needs. After all, who better to tell us how we can best improve naturalForms than the people who use it every day?

Visit the Product Portal yourself and experience the simplicity of what the portal has to offer!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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