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naturalForms + JobNimbus is a Win for Small Business in the Digital Age

naturalForms + JobNimbus is a Win for Small Business in the Digital Age

The digital revolution has come and gone in small business, and news flash: digital won. Nowadays, every business is expected to exist on the internet, be it social media, online payment options such as Square, and so much more. But it's not just your customers who are expecting a digital experience, it's your employees too.

Using paper forms and physical timekeeping, accounting, and the like are a disaster waiting to happen. Besides the dangers of paper files, how often they get lost or misfiled, and how slow they are, it's easy to make a mistake that doesn't get caught. Then the wrong job goes to the wrong person, people don't get the right service, and that's not good business. Luckily, that's where naturalForms' integration with JobNimbus comes to save the day.

What JobNimbus Can Do For You

JobNimbus can help you on any device!

Having a fully automated document and form system is a huge step up for any business. Integrating with JobNimbus is a great way to turn those steps into leaps and bounds. A simple CRM and Project Management software to manage projects, contacts, and tasks, JobNimbus streamlines your customer relationship management and clarifies your employee's work scheduling. With detailed reporting and employee management tools, you'll never let a potential sale slip through the cracks again.

How naturalForms and JobNimbus Integrate

naturalForms is the leader in secure form automation for any service business, and JobNimbus is a top tool for CRM. A perfect match! Our mobile form solutions for iPad & Android can import your customer info from JobNimbus, fill out your forms, and attach them to the job folder to reference later.

But wait, there's more: JobNimbus' integration to your natualForms software allows you to send customer information automatically into your JobNimbus system. Now you've got a process that can extend the automation for you from the first contact with the customer, all the way to invoicing. Actually, JobNimbus also automatically asks for online reviews, so that is included as well!

"Why does my business need to be so digital?"

It's quite simple really: The world is digital, and is getting more so every day. So much so, that 90% of the world's all-time data has been made in the last two years alone. Your competitors are becoming tech-savvy by the day, while you sit and ask why it should even matter. If you need a more visceral example, go to and enter your competitor's websites. You'll be able to see a small sample of the technology behind your competitors.

We understand that putting your business in the digital world can be intimidating. It can feel like you're completely starting over from scratch, with no help. That is why businesses like naturalForms and JobNimbus exist: To help small businesses thrive in a changing world. We provide templates, guides, and support to make sure that your business won't just have new tools but can effectively use them to make your business more profitable.

"Alright, it's important to go digital, where can I get started?"

Well, that's the beauty of it: you can try it for free. As in, both naturalForms and JobNimbus allow you to use a 100% free trial that will let you use its full suite of solutions for two full weeks. In those two weeks, you'll be able to set up all your forms, use them in the field, and measure the money that you're saving.

"That sounds great, but where will I specifically save money?"

Now you're making it easy. Here are just *some* of the ways using naturalForms and JobNimbus will help you.

  • Decrease the amount of paper and ink you use.

  • Increase worker productivity by streamlining documenting.

  • Never lose an important form again!

  • Improved time management to identify bottlenecks.

  • Build estimates and invoices to bid, win, and collect on jobs easier.

  • Easily track leads to convert sales more easily.

And that's just the beginning. Go to the naturalForms and JobNimbus feature pages to learn more about just how much you can save and earn by using these two solutions in tandem to jump ahead of the pack.

See how powerful digital forms can be for your business with JobNimbus. Click here to get started with a FREE fourteen day trial with naturalForms. Learn why over 5 million documents have already been automated, saving thousands of pounds of paper, millions of dollars for business, and given every business peace of mind.

naturalForms – Smart Forms for Smart Business

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naturalForms is an innovative software company based in Dayton, Ohio USA and is the leader in natural input technologies and provides an end-to-end mobile data capture platform that automates the collection of natural input (such as handwriting, photos, notes, drawings, and signatures) instantly at the point of entry. Information captured with tablets or other mobile devices is immediately converted to digital data and seamlessly integrated to backend systems. Straight-through processing eliminates cycle time delays and human data entry errors, creating an unsurpassed workflow optimization and significant cost savings. naturalForms’ solutions are used around the world, delivering value in multiple industries. To learn more, visit


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