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Eform Maker Helps Your Business Eliminate the Cumbersome Paper for the Easy to Gather Electronic Solutions

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Eform Maker

An eform maker helps your business eliminate the cumbersome paper for the easy to gather electronic solutions. Using an eform maker like naturalForms is beneficial for your business and the environment.


These online forms are easy to create with our online and mobile application development software. Creating and using digital forms eliminates paper waste and is easily organized through our mobile app.


You won’t need to have messy paperwork involved with our eforms, and the documents are always at your fingertips. Using an eform maker is a professional advancement you won’t want to miss out on. Your forms are always secure and easily accessible.

Our eform maker provides a pleasant user experience. Being able to take as many different forms as you like in your pocket and on the go is a critical advancement for your company.


We have a free app in the iOS and Android app store. The data and information in your account are available for each device you are logged in to.


There are four main benefits to using an eform maker which are the following:


Enhance Operations

  • Standardizes and enables consistency within the organization

  • Aids in data and reporting for business planning

  • Grants management visibility to employee and customer performance

  • Improves team communications related to jobs being worked

  • Optimizes employee and customer satisfaction


Save Time and Improve Data Accuracy

  • Automates daily workflows (get more jobs done)

  • Reduces data errors and incomplete information

  • Eliminates double data entry for process automation

  • Reduces turnaround time to process data or complete projects


Reduce Cost and Grow ROI

  • Eliminates paper/print cost (and associated fuel costs)

  • Reduces operational cost for the business


Implement Security and Compliance

  • Ensures legalization of form information being collected

  • Assist in regulatory or compliance purposes

  • Provides data and solution audit information for accountability

You can create an account with us on our website and log in to our app with any of your iOS or Android mobile devices. Our forms promise quality assurance and real-time results and feedback.


Getting started is easy with the five simple steps to improving your bottom line.

  1. Sign up: Create a free naturalForms trial account

  2. Add Forms (Yours or Ours): Load your form’s PDF into naturalForms or select from hundreds already available in our form library

  3. Install the App: Install the naturalForms app on your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet

  4. Connect to Backend: Connect your form data to almost any backend system

  5. Start Using: Fill the form out on your tablet or phone and get the data downstream where you need it

Eform Solution

Eform solutions gather and analyze information through a database-driven framework. You can easily manage forms and applications for your companies benefits. Using an online system for your form provider allows for collaboration, review and concise assessments.

Why Eforms?

  • naturalForms ensures that your information is protected and secure

  • You can tailor your forms to meet your companies needs

  • We provide a user-friendly experience on your mobile and immobile devices

User Management

  • We guarantee success with many different types of users who need eforms for different reasons

  • Logging into your account with different devices is hassle-free

  • The app notifies you of which devices are logged in and at what time so you can manage the account

Additional Benefit to Eform Solutions

  • Accuracy – Eforms capture more accurate data than print or paper forms

  • User experience – The process is seamless and personalized allowing for a pleasant user experience

  • Access – Forms are accessible at any time

  • Automation – The automated process allows for easy storing and eliminates manual review

Eforms ensure opportunities for efficiency improvement while optimizing the handling of data presented in forms.

Get started with naturalForms today

Create your free trial account in minutes and join thousands of others using naturalForms for their mobile business forms.

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